The Cast:
Jem Jurin
Jane Rose
Wendy Bus
Zack Shaffer

Also featuring
Joe Renz
Arthur Kremer
Jeff Velazquez
Ean Murphy
Michael Jurin
Sam Pinola
Kevin Fitzgerald

as Jawboy
as Natasha
as Lilly
as Xavier

as Dr. Praetoreous
as The Renfield
as The Bartender
as Elsa
as The Guitar Player
as The Bass Player
as The Drummer
Production Crew:
Written & Directed by: Ben Jurin
Assistant Director: Jeff Velazquez
Exterior & FX Bar Interior Assistant Director: Kevin Freeman
Monster Make-up Designer: Jack Myers
Make-up Artists, Practical & Digital SFX: Jack Myers & Joe Renz
Music by: Michael Jurin
Driver: Sam Pinola
Sam Pinola
Kevin Fitzgerald
Joe Renz
Jane Rose
Michael Jurin
Tiffany Lam
Bruce Kronenberg
Jack Myers
Ean Murphy
Nathhalie Dzobek
Oliver Ostrega
San Tong

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